Foundations of my Musical Journey

My journey into piano tuning traces back to accordion lessons in my formative years, sparking a lifelong passion for instrument harmony. This pivotal experience set the stage for my deep connection with the art of tuning and perfecting pianos.

Early Influence

While the enjoyment of playing the accordion was notable, the true turning point came when my accordion teacher encouraged me to dismantle the instrument for reed cleaning. This seemingly simple task ignited my fascination, ultimately influencing my decision to embark on a fulfilling career in piano tuning.
Piano Techie works with his diligent canine assistant!

Educational Pursuits

Recognizing the resonance of my true calling, I heeded the advice of a job counselor and enrolled in the UCLA Extension course in Piano Technology. Despite an instructor transition, my commitment persisted, and I continued my studies at the assistant's residence.

Professional Affiliation

Joining the Piano Technicians Guild proved instrumental in my development. For seventeen years, I remained a dedicated member, achieving the status of a Registered Technician. Active participation in state and national conventions enriched my knowledge, with a notable highlight being a visit to piano factories in Europe during the summer of '79.

Global Experiences

The Guild's influence extended beyond borders, leading to a memorable journey through Europe. Waiting to enter East Berlin via Checkpoint Charlie in 1979 remains a harrowing experience in my career, underscoring the international scope of my professional endeavors.

Diversifying Expertise

During the five-year span from 1998 to 2003, I recognized the need to broaden my services beyond tuning and repair. Collaborating with another technician in Altadena and later Pasadena, I ventured into piano restoration and sales. Despite the labor-intensive nature, this expansion added a delightful dimension to my in-home service.

Return to Core Services

While piano restoration proved enjoyable, I eventually realized its profitability diminished. Consequently, I returned to focusing solely on in-home services, a commitment I uphold to this day. In 2010, an opportunity reignited my interest in piano rebuilding, leading me back to collaboration with the same technician in Pasadena.

Memorable Journey to Florence, Oregon

One notable project took me to Florence, Oregon, where a piano I worked on now resides. Visiting in March 2011, I discovered it had coincidentally been tuned that very day by a local technician. This encounter added a unique touch to my ongoing passion for piano care.


Continuing Passion for Piano Building (1/13 and 2/16)

As of January 2013, I reunited with the same rebuilder, embarking on the restringing of two grand pianos. This collaborative effort continued into February 2016, marking yet another restringing job. This ongoing journey into piano rebuilding stands as a fulfilling and rewarding hobby.

Dealer Collaborations

Throughout my business journey, I've had the privilege of working with esteemed dealers, including Colton Piano and Organ (primarily the Carson store), Baldwin Piano in Sherman Oaks, Sherman Clay in North Hollywood and Santa Monica, Pedrini Music in Alhambra, Piano Mart in Santa Monica, Keyboard Concepts in Van Nuys, and Hollywood Piano Co. in Burbank. These collaborations have enriched my experience and expanded my reach across the piano industry.

Educational Institutions and Clients

My dedication extends beyond dealerships. I proudly served the Burbank School District from 1990 to 1997, contributed to Pepperdine College's musical landscape from 1980 to 1982, and provided tuning services to UCLA dormitories from 2010 to 2015. These engagements underscore my commitment to enhancing musical environments in diverse settings.

Angie's List Super Service Award

In recognition of my unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, I am proud to have received the Angie's List Super Service Award consecutively from 2012 through 2015. This esteemed accolade reflects the highest number of positive customer feedback in my service area, showcasing my dedication to excellence and client satisfaction.

Connect With Me

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