Piano Service Excellence

I offer a range of piano services, from meticulous tuning and voicing to comprehensive repairs and reconditioning. Explore my services below.


Maintaining the tonal stability of your piano is crucial for optimal performance. Factors such as climate, frequency of play, intensity of play, and changes in location can impact its tuning. To ensure your piano stays in top condition, regular tuning every six months is recommended, with some venues requiring more frequent tuning, even on a monthly basis. I emphasize the importance of tuning to the standard concert pitch at 440 cps for accurate sound.

Pitch Raise Tuning

If your piano deviates significantly from the standard pitch, I perform a "pitch raise" tuning followed by a precise "fine" tuning. New pianos may need additional tuning to stabilize the initial setup, while older pianos could face challenges like string breakage. My tuning services, priced between $160 and $225 as of 1/1/24, ensure your piano is finely tuned, with the duration typically ranging from one to one and a half hours. Unforeseen issues such as sticking keys or pedal adjustments may extend the tuning time.

Not actually “Masking” my intentions here.
Voicing which I would consider as “tenderizing the hammers”


Over time, a piano's tonal character can change, becoming either too brilliant or weak due to regular play. My voicing services address these issues by carefully modifying the piano hammers. For a strident sound, I file hammers with the appropriate sandpaper grade and "tenderize" them with needles, aiming for a mellower, consistent tone across the scale. If the tone is too weak, various techniques, such as filing, using soft-grade sandpaper, pounding the hammer crown, ironing the felt, or applying a hardening agent, can be employed.

Advanced Voicing Method

I also offer an advanced voicing method using a powerful motor with attached needles, providing efficient and less labor-intensive voicing. This technique achieves the necessary penetration into the hammer felt with minimal strain on the tuner.

Repairs and Reconditioning

Similar to a cosmetic surgeon assessing a candidate's options, I evaluate your piano's mechanical health. My services range from fixing sticking keys and replacing broken strings to extensive repairs, including the replacement of worn-out action parts. For high-end models, complete replacements of hammers, shanks, whippens, and backcheck leather may be necessary.


Regulation, an essential part of piano service, is performed to optimize performance. The detailed procedure involves 37 steps applicable to all grand pianos, ensuring proper hammer-to-string contact and efficient key movement. Recognize the need for regulation if you experience issues like "bubbling hammers" or inefficient key movement in upright pianos.

Using the amazing grand piano sound board cleaning tool.

Estimates and Appraisals

Pricing for my piano services varies based on the specific service requested. Contact me for accurate fee estimates tailored to your needs. I also provide appraisals to determine your piano's market value for insurance purposes or evaluate the investment needed to enhance its value and playability.